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I help Businesses and Organizations make better sense of the present and work on their tomorrow.

Throughout my career in Europe and North America, I've seen time and time again how changes in the business landscape and geopolitical agenda, a busy schedule and habits as well as routines settling in can overcloud the view, potentially cause a delirium - making inefficiencies creep up.

I tend to question the status quo and help challenge the impossible. A Change Instigator and Corporate Rebel.

"Don't just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference!" (Denzel Washington)

How may I help you?

Why I do what I do?

Because business is my passion — I love supporting a company/organization that is looking to navigate the seas, improve & grow.

Actually, my passion is to work with complex problems and projects within the fields of environment/sustainability, mental health, science, education, urban development and/or technology - all tying back to business.

I love WHY I do what I do which is to make better sense of the present and work on your tomorrow.

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Business Development

Getting an understanding of your business, the product(s), and the business situation is key to the success of identifying further growth opportunities. Together we then assess and select specific target markets to focus on and prioritize these. We identify the ideal customers to target.

The aim is to find opportunities for growth from customers, markets, and relationships - develop & strengthen market position to achieve financial growth. We combine Vision, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Planning, and Focus.

Together we determine:

  1. Where growth will come from (assessing opportunities),
  2. How the business should grow (as growth can be risky and costly if not managed well),
  3. Define the approach to capturing that growth (marketing, sales, customer service, finance).


Support the business with outbound, inbound, and account management. Track and assess the sales process and the sales funnel. Use Key Performance Indicators/metrics to evaluate and get feedback.

The aim is to find leads, qualify them, convert them into customers, and over time develop them into loyal customers.

Together we look at where to focus:

  1. Inbound,
  2. Outbound,
  3. Account Management.

Marketing Strategy & Plan

Setting market-oriented strategies to support the fundamental goal of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. Using a blueprint (Marketing Plan) to describe the advertising and marketing efforts to execute the Marketing Strategy.

The aim is to conduct research and divide a plan for how to approach markets and develop the markets.

Analytics & Data Visualization

Support the business by going through your data to analyze, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns in the data.

The aim is to "make data talk" and discuss Key Performance Indicators/metrics for different areas of your business.

Procurement & Category Management

Buy smarter, better, and cheaper while maintaining a desired quality level of the purchased products/services and managing risks.

Structuring and strengthening your procurement process to support the business.

Industry Knowledge & Expertise


Food & Beverage





Banking & Finance

Sports & Fitness



About me

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Uh oh, there should have been a picture here


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(native language)

From Europe to North America

I had been working with Procurement and Category Management for 7 years when I decided to make a radical change. Without knowing what to expect other than the unexpected, I moved from Copenhagen, Denmark to Toronto, Canada in late May 2014. I decided to relocate because I've always wanted to live and work abroad and to challenge myself by relocating to what was an unknown country across the Atlantic. It was the right time to do it taken different aspects of life into account.

So far, it has been an eye opener and an interesting as well as an exciting adventure both socially and professionally. Getting to know the city of Toronto and its surroundings, learning about Canada, getting to build a social and professional network as well as changing careers from Procurement to Business Development/Sales. The relocation has added more experience and personal growth to my suitcase. Your habits and routines are suddenly challenged while others erased. For example biking as a means of transportation in a city where the dangers are greater compared to Copenhagen, getting to know the city's public transportation services, even opening a bank account, getting a phone number, and finding a place to stay has reminded me that some things are taken for granted.

Having relocated, I have realized that many things are taken for granted when you have stayed for so many years in a particular place. A place that you have become familiar with and where you have developed routines and habits, which you need to deal with when they are no longer valid as when relocating across continents. Having to embrace the change and managing it has had an impact on me and by that I have further strengthened my ability to identify, assess and react to changes as well as seek out and seize opportunities.

Many have asked me, Why Canada/Toronto?

Canada because it is a country that welcomes people from different cultures and intergates them fairly well, and not to mention the stunning nature. What makes Toronto attractive is its multi-cultural population, the diversity of thoughts based on peoples origins/culture, people's entrepreneurial mindset, the continuous development of the startup environment, the business environment, the proximity to an interesting market that is the US, and that it's the biggest and vibrant city in Canada. The city is an international hub with proximity to different countries/Europe and Toronto has diverse cultural offerings both socially and professionally.

For the past 2 years, I've been working with Business Development/Sales, between Europe and North America. My business understanding is both from a strategic level and an operational level, from planning to execution, and with companies of all sizes as well as industries.

I simply love helping businesses grow which is WHY I do what I do.

Want to know How I help businesses grow?


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